8 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Website

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Your restaurant deserves a website.  And it deserves a website that has the design and features that will get people through the door and buying!

FACT: Most people in Atlantic Canada will decide where they are eating out on any given day by looking online.  It's simply a fact.   Most on their mobile phones. Are they finding you?  If not, scroll down and contact us to have a chat about what we can do to help.

Below is a nice article we found that we'd like to share with you.  Read on and discover 8 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Website:

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8 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Website

By Michael Leaders

You've been putting it off. I don't have time to create or maintain one. It costs too much money to have one done. My restaurant is too small to need one. I don't know anything about computers or where to even start to get a website. These are a few of the excuses you have been using to not have a website for your restaurant. It's time for the excuses to end. Around 90% of internet users today use the internet to research restaurants, and many of them base their decisions on where to eat on that research. It is vital that your restaurant have a website to provide basic information and promote your brand.

If that opening paragraph didn't convince you to get going on your website, then here are my top 8 reasons you need to get started now!

8. Increase awareness.To those 90% of people that are using the internet, if you don't have a website, you don't exist. A website is like the sign on your building. If you don't have one, people are going to drive right by and never know you are there. If you have a good one, people are going to be curious and it is going to draw people in to eat.

7. Provide basic information. Hours of operation, payment methods accepted, location and directions go a long way to helping customers come to your restaurant. A website answers these basic questions without tying up your hostess or managers time on the phone, which is good because you are going to need that phone for the increase in reservations.

6. Generate a professional image (Brand). A website introduces your restaurant to the customers. It allows them to become acquainted with your restaurant, its ambiance and your menu before they arrive. Chain restaurants use this type of branding to create a sense of familiarity people want when dining out. A well done site can impress potential customers and create desire to try you out.

5. Differentiate from competition. Many of your competitors already have a website promoting themselves and are stealing your business. A well done website can show potential customers why they should choose your restaurant by highlighting what you do well. If you don't have a website, potential customers are going to get the impression you are skimping to save money or time, and will wonder what else you are skimping on.

4. Build on customer relationship. Your loyal customers will also use your website to stay connected with you. A website can give these customers a way to offer feedback through comments or suggestions. It can also be a way to collect contact information for these customers to keep them informed about special deals or events offered to your fans.

3. Place to promote additional services. Your website is a great place to promote additional services that people may not be aware that you offer. Customers that already like you might love to find out that you deliver lunches to nearby offices, that you cater private events, offer call ahead seating or sell full cheesecakes to go.

2. Replace expensive advertising. Print ads, commercials, phone book listings are all very expensive and are reaching less and less potential customers. A website is a fraction of the cost of any of these, offers more information, is available 24/7, and is even available to anyone with a smart phone wherever they are located. Other advertising is likely out of date before it is published, but your website can (and should) be updated immediately to provide the most current information.

1. Generate more business. If customers realize you exist, are familiar with everything you offer, feel connected, know where to find you and when you are open, you will gain more of their business. Actually I probably didn't need the other 7 reasons.

Read more: http://fohboh.com/profiles/blogs/8-reasons-your-restaurant-needs-a-website#ixzz2RV1ebgBq  


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