Scam Alert: Domain Registry of Canada Letter

Friday, 02 August 2013 14:02 Written by 

Another of our clients has been scammed by the infamous letter from the "Domain Registry of Canada" (DROC).  Luckily, the domain is "locked for transfer" on our end, meaning it can't be maliciously transferred.  However, sadly.. the client is probably out the $45 "transfer fee" scammed out of them.

Don't be fooled, this company and these letters are nothing but a scam.  Do not under under any cirumstances reply to or send this company your credit card info.

The letter is designed to look like an invoice, and is very "assumptive" in it's language, leading the domain owner to believe that a) Their domain is registered with Domain Registry of Canada and b) they MUST renew now to avoid losing the domain.

This scam has been going on for over a decade, and chances are if you own a domain name, you will eventually recieve one of these scam letters from DROC.

Why are you receiving this letter?

"To get your mailing address, DROC extracts the details of your domain name registration record from the publicly available whois database. This practice, known as 'whois data mining', is directly against the terms of use of the whois service. The whois information contains the mailing address of the domain name owner. Once they have the information, they simply send the deceptive letter and wait for the domain owner to take the bait. Their goal is to trick anyone who owns a domain into transferring that domain to DROC. They ask you to send your payment information and email address in the enclosed envelope."

If you recieve one of these letters, TOSS IT.